Kathy Hernandez - member since 2012
"As a new member for a year now, I am truly enjoying the opportunity to network with my colleagues who touch the travel and tourism industry in Orlando, in so many different ways. We update one another, give each other advice, share new resources and of course, enjoy each other's company during monthly meetings and functions. I also appreciate the fact that we help a local cause in our community, by helping travelers in Central Florida who have a need to stay at the Perry Pavilion at Dr. Phillips Hospital, while a loved one is receiving extended medical care. This is a great organization!"
Kathy Hernandez, President, Kathy Hernandez & Associates Public Relations

Ana Maria Soto - Young Skal
"SKAL has given me the opportinity to meet individuals who have acheived goals that I dream to reach one day. It is a true honor to be able to network with them and learn from the best."
Ana Maria Soto, Young Skal Member. Student of USC Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Scott Major - member since 2006
"Joining SKAL has strengthened many relationships and created many more in an industry that has played a critical part in Evok Advertising's success. The experience level of the professionals that make up its membership are second to none. If invited to join, I highly recommend it to anyone who is passionate about the hospitality and travel industry.
Scott Major, Chief Marketing Officer, Evok Advertising.

Aaron Rask - Young Skal
I wanted to be a part of Young Skal to learn. Learn what the industry is like. Learn how business is conducted. Learn the character qualities exemplified through leaders of the industry. "Being a part of Young Skal has allowed me the opportunity to be a sponge. At the meetings, dinners and social events I sit back, listen, and try to absorb all of the industry knowledge in the room. There are few other opportunities that allow students the access to heavy hitters in hospitality than Skal does. I would recommend Young Skal to anyone who is undecided about their career. Skal has helped narrow my career focus.
Aaron Rask, Young Skal Member. Graduate student/Army officer UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Richard Jackson - member since 1988
I really enjoy the people and long time friendships I have established through being a member of the Skal club of Orlando. Skal is an international organization and its vast network has helped me find new customers both internationally and domestically, I would recommend it to new members as it is a great opportunity to network with travel industry professionals and you will learn something new from our monthly meetings which will assist you in your carrer and personal growth.

Leigh Andrzejewski - Young Skal
Being a Young Skal member is a great way to meet and build relationships with leaders of the industry in a relaxed and social atmosphere. I have made connections with other young professional in the industry and I can start building ties now that will be sustained throughout a long period of time. I have gained first hand knowledge outside of the classroom of what is relevant and how these topics affect the industry.

Bob Bader - member since 1982 - Past President Skal International USA
I have been a member of Skal for 32 years. I joined to have the ability to interact with top leaders in the travel and tourism industry on a monthly basis, in one place at the same time. As a life member, past President of Skal International USA and having served on the SIUSA board for 7 years, I feel committed to network with younger members on the vast opportunities in personal and professional areas, and explain the benefits of participating in Skal events locally, nationally and internationally.

Susan Ortega - member since 1994
I have enjoyed my membership over the past 10 years. I am grateful for the many close friendships I have developed through Skal. The unparalleled dedication and support of top industry leaders have made Skal one of the largest internationally known associations


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